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Touring Britain bit by bit with a pair of boots, a few bicycles, a lot of trains and a bag of lenses. I take pictures and then I write about them.

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Tough on crime in fantasy land

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Jon d

  • sucks dentures* back in the 70's it was called the post office tower and the IRA were largely interested in blowing it up because it was owned by the Queen... And they've always had a thing about the post office. There's quite a history of terrorists targeting dull bits of infrastructure, the Anc used to dynamite electricity pylons back when they were called terrorists and the Ira used to phone in bomb threats on motorway bridges in the 90s (without having the decency to actually plant any explosives most of the time). The terrorist game in England was largely about pissing people off rather than actually hurting anyone till recently.

Posted at 2010-01-20 03:10:33 - [Ban] - [Del]

Alan Bellis


Posted at 2010-01-23 22:04:13 - [Ban] - [Del]

Jon d

So did you actually get searched? I've heard it suggested that the cops are do this, s&s'ing people for no reason, to level the stats so they don't appear to be singling out any ethnic or faith groups for excess scrutiny. It's been proposed that white people should answer 'pakistani' to the ethnicity question they cops are supposed to ask in order to jam the system and force another 2 meaningless s&s's to happen in order for the cops to maintain the statistical pretence.

Fwliw I got stopped by some cops back in the 80's while taking cliched long exposure shots of cars going round a roundabout at twilight. Turns out there was a public toilet on the other side of the roundabout which the second cop ran over and investigated while the first one talked to me, Only later on it occured to me that they probably thought I was either a homosexual about to photograph an 'cottaging' orgy or perhaps a blackmailer of homosexuals.

Posted at 2010-01-25 15:47:13 - [Ban] - [Del]

Joe D

{{{flag}}} Earth

yeah, i've heard the same said. but why invent a conspiracy to explain a cockup? i'll do my best to assume that this is the work of some dim and badly trained junior cops and plastic police before concluding that it's systematic malice.

as for a search: they spent a moment looking, with little real interest, at my bike tools. asked me what i was carrying them around with me for. i pointed at the bicycle that i was sat on.

Posted at 2010-01-26 22:38:50 - [Del]

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