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Touring Britain bit by bit with a pair of boots, a few bicycles, a lot of trains and a bag of lenses. I take pictures and then I write about them.

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Fri, 1 Feb 2013

Lesser of The Lakes


[Tag] Tags: crap places, cumbria, lake district, lakes, rural, uk, windermere

Tue, 25 Dec 2012

Winter in Keswick


[Tag] Tags: cumbria, lake district, lakes, mountains, rural, snow, the north, uk, weather, winter

Sun, 13 May 2012

Skiddaw from the shores of Derwent Water


[Tag] Tags: cumbria, lake district, lakes, mountains, national parks, rural, the north, time series, uk

Wed, 26 Oct 2011



Not a big hill by Lake District standards, but a popular one.


Because of its pleasant ascents past the tarns and rock formations.

On Haystacks On Haystacks

And the view over Buttermere and the valley.


More on Wikipedia.


[Tag] Tags: buttermere, cumbria, haystacks, lake district, lakes, mountains, rural, the north, uk

Sat, 20 Mar 2010

Location: Castlerigg


In the house where I grew up, on the side of a kitchen cupboard above the kitchen sink is a small wide yellowed print on a bent and battered cobweb covered card, faded with the light of five thousand sunrises and dappled from the condensation of countless boiled kettles.


It's a print of the stone circle at Castlerigg, the Celtic Carles of Keswick, looking north over the shapely Cumbrian fells of Latrigg and Blencathra, known as Saddleback, in the northern lakes.


A neolithic druidical astronomy set, aligned with the autumn equinox and set centre stage on a minor eminence in a cavernous amphitheatre.


An antique shelter for the sheep, trap for the tourist, and prop for the photographer.

Built to catch the light and the lightning, the sun, the snow and the storms.

More photos in the Cumbria gallery...

[Tag] Tags: castlerigg, cumbria, history, lake district, national parks, rural, the north, uk, weather

Sat, 30 Jan 2010

Moving photographs

When flickr introduced video functionality, the community was divided. To a certain type of purist it was the beginning of the end, or the last straw; the big coporate takeover ignoring the wishes of a passionate established community in favour of mass appeal. A certain type of purist flouced off and cancelled their membership.

To the rest of us, flickr videos are just moving photographs: just another way to capture the light and landscape, the streets and streams of changing scenes.

more moving photographs...

[Tag] Tags: derwent water, flickr, lake district, photography, video

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