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Purchasing prints of photos

Print quality

Except where stated otherwise, images are printed by a friendly trusted professional shop on thick matt Fuji Crystal Archive paper, a high quality paper that gives sharp and nicely finished prints that will last.


For commercial or editorial use of images, please contact me.

Thanks for browsing the collection at cotch dot net and for considering purchasing prints. I offer standard enlargement prints, as well as large framed prints, as described in the sections below. To purchase a print, please email me specifying the image/item and type of print that you're interested in.

Each person has different requirements and each image has a different style; each print is individually prepared with this in mind, and I will discuss the options with you to make sure that the print is just right.

I try to ensure that prints arrive within 14 days of purchase; framed prints may take longer if they are not already in stock. I will give you a more accurate estimate when you email me, or an auto-reply if I am away from email for some time. If you have a deadline or special delivery requirements, let me know — I will try (but can not always guarantee) to meet these.

Payment can be made through PayPal. UK postage is included in the prices below — contact me to enquire about non-UK postage.

Large and framed prints

These items are each individually designed for a combination of mount colour and frame style that best shows off the individual image. The frames are hand-made to each individual images' proportions, and the item is assembled by myself.

The prints listed below are framed and ready to go. You can also enquire about the possibility for framed prints of any of the other photographs in the galleries.


Pulpit Rock

A winter sunset over the English Channel silhouettes two figures at Pulpit Rock on the Isle of Portland, Dorset, England.

18"x10" print on black mount and 4cm black wooden frame, with anti-reflection/glare UV filtering acrylic glazing.


Greenland Dock

Greenland Dock

Winter sunrise over a frozen Greenland Dock and the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf in London.

18"x8" print on black mount and 12mm black wooden frame, with anti-reflection/glare UV filtering acrylic glazing.



Kimmeridge Ledges

Long exposure of a winter sunset over the ledges at Kimmeridge on Dorset's Jurassic Coast.

18"x9" print on black mount and 12mm black wooden frame, with anti-reflection/glare UV filtering acrylic glazing.


Standard prints

Standard prints are in the region of 12"x8", 10"x8", 8x8" or 12"x5" depending on the proportions of the image. Standard prints are UK£16.00 (~US$26.00 or EU19.00).

The following are in stock, and therefore do not come with a delay while printing. Of course, you can also choose from any of the photographs in the galleries.

Clevedon Pier, 12x8

West Somerset Railway, 8x8

Arno's Vale Cemetery, 8x11.6

Lyme Regis Harbour, 12x8

George Washington, 8x8

Bales & clouds, 10x8

Wells Cathedral, 10x8

Radcliffe Camera, 8x8 crop Kodak Matt paper

Sheep, 12x8

Second Severn Crossing, 12x8

Goat, 8x8

Pur Down, 12x8

Bristol Harbour, 12x8

Brecon Beacons, 12x8

Brean & Steep Holm, 12x8

St George's, 12x8

Arno's Vale, 12x8

Bishop's Palace, 12x8

Wells Cathedral, 12x8

Swyre Head, Dorset, 12x5

Seabank Power Station, 12x8

Weston Pier, 12x8

Ribblehead Viaduct, 12x8

West from Catbells, 12x8

Honister Pass, 12x8

Another Place, 12x8

Buttermere Fell, 12x8

Pen-y-ghent, 12x8

Llyn Gwnant, 12x8

St Phillip's Cathedral, 12x8

Croyde sunset, 12x8

Clifton Suspension Bridge, 12x8

Stourhead gardens, 12x8

Cincinnati skyline, 12x8

Stourhead gardens, 10x8

Ingleborough, 10x8

MSC Napoli in Lyme Bay, 10x8

Glastonbury Tor, 12x8

Derwentwater, 12x8

Millennium Bridge, 10x8

Chapel Allerton windmill, Somerset, 12x8

Derwent Water, 12x8

Great American Ball Park, 12x8

Tower 42, 8x8

Cumberland Basin, 12x8

Black Rock Sands, 12x8

Palace of Westminster, 12x8

Tower Bridge, 12x8

Poultry, 12x8

Derwent Water, 12x8

Derwent Water, 12x6.5

Derwent Water, 12x6.5

Derwent Water, 12x8

Calstock Viaduct, 12x8

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