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Purdown Transmitter

Another one of those shots that I’ve taken again and again and again, capturing it in all seasons, lights and conditions, in this case because it was on my commute for several years. The BT tower on Pur Down, in the north of Bristol, a thin and increasingly isolated sliver of green space, once farmland, […]

Brunel Locks

There are some places I keep taking pictures of again and again, building up a time series through the changing of seasons and urban renewal. Not necessarily deliberately, but just because I happen to pass that way regularly. Spring 2004 One of the earliest of those time series was at the Clifton Suspension Bridge, looking […]

Winter fogs past

I love those freezing winter nights, when everything condenses into one big fog. And the light blurs… And the shapes merge…

Arno’s Vale Cemetery

In the 1830s, on the eve of the Victorian era and with maturing industrial and agricultural revolutions and a growing empire, Britain’s urban population was booming. Around the country people were leaving the land for the historic port cities and industrial new towns; the mills and potteries and mines. And they kept dying, as people […]

15 May, 2004

I bought a cheap digital camera. The cheapest compact digital camera a first year student loan could buy. Must have been September 2003. I felt guilty at having spent over sixty pounds on a single luxury item, and even more at the schoolboy error of throwing out all of the packaging, receipt and warranty only […]

Bristol to Burnham by bike

Download this tour as a Google Earth layer. An approximately 65 mile (104km) ride from Ashton in Bristol to Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset. Add 3.5 miles if you’re coming from Temple Meads station: go over Valentine’s Bridge, past Gardiners, under Bond Street, through Castle Park, along Welsh Back, through Queen Square, over Princes Street Bridge and […]

Vote for me!

Vote for the Garden of Rest at Arno’s Vale for the “Entropy” theme of the next JPEG Magaizne: Vote here! Update: I took a better photo, vote for this shot of Arno’s Vale for the Entropy theme of the next JPEG Magazine instead! Vote here! Arno’s Vale is a large municipal Victorian cemetery in Bristol, […]