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Lines in the landscape: West of England Main Line

The West of England Main Line was the Southern Railway’s “Holiday Line”: the main route from London Waterloo to the West Country: to the beaches of Devon and Cornwall. It was also the route from London back to the childhood home, and over the years I managed to collect a few shots of the line […]

Edge of the Vale

In the summer I spent a few evenings and early mornings shooting the hills surrounding the valley of the River Stour — the Blackmore Vale — in North Dorset and South Somerset. For much of the year, the clay and low limestone ridges of Thomas Hardy’s vale of little dairies provide little to keep a […]

Winter fogs past

I love those freezing winter nights, when everything condenses into one big fog. And the light blurs… And the shapes merge…

White Christmas

At Christmas it snowed in Dorset. It doesn’t often snow in Dorset. When it does, everyone gets out to use it while it lasts. Goes sledging in the steep sheep fields. Flattening the snow on the paths through the woods. Leaving icy tracks on every slope. Taking photos of the familiar landscape in a new […]

The Cheese Festival

I love the Durham Township photoblog — all the fabulous atmospheric shallow-focus photos of rural Pensylvania. Especially the ones of the traditional county fairs and farm shows. The kids with candyfloss, prize livestock on display, and old fashioned family entertainment. We have those in England, too: things like the Sturminster Newton Cheese Festival, a celebration […]

From here to a promontory

The rocks that rebuilt London were pulled from a distant limestone island where the wastes from once great quarries now give way to stormy seas where the racing tides of the Shambles bank are kept safe and shipwreck free by Portland Bill. A True Story. More pictures in the Portland gallery…