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Lines in the landscape: West of England Main Line

The West of England Main Line was the Southern Railway’s “Holiday Line”: the main route from London Waterloo to the West Country: to the beaches of Devon and Cornwall. It was also the route from London back to the childhood home, and over the years I managed to collect a few shots of the line […]

Autumn at Stourhead

I’m not sure why it has taken so long to do a post for Stourhead, the impressive landscape gardens at the source of the River Stour in south west Wiltshire. I guess I was taken there so many times as a child that I’ve managed to avoid going back too many times since to take […]

Edge of the Vale

In the summer I spent a few evenings and early mornings shooting the hills surrounding the valley of the River Stour — the Blackmore Vale — in North Dorset and South Somerset. For much of the year, the clay and low limestone ridges of Thomas Hardy’s vale of little dairies provide little to keep a […]

The dismal town of Yeovil

It’s difficult to find a nice thing to say about Yeovil, the nearest proper town to where I grew up. But I could go on at length about the awfulness of it. The miserable generic shopping precincts with a skin of decaying and derelict buildings… …trapped inside a fortress of traffic crashing through the town […]

Purdown Transmitter

Another one of those shots that I’ve taken again and again and again, capturing it in all seasons, lights and conditions, in this case because it was on my commute for several years. The BT tower on Pur Down, in the north of Bristol, a thin and increasingly isolated sliver of green space, once farmland, […]

Kilve and Lilstock Beach

Where the Quantock Hills AONB meets the Bristol Channel on the West Somerset coast. And the waves from the Atlantic wash away the silt of the river estuaries and undercut the shale cliffs. Leaving great intertidal platforms, sections through the Lilstock Formation of Jurassic and Triassic rocks, and revealing the fossils of ammonites and dinosaurs. […]

Brunel Locks

There are some places I keep taking pictures of again and again, building up a time series through the changing of seasons and urban renewal. Not necessarily deliberately, but just because I happen to pass that way regularly. Spring 2004 One of the earliest of those time series was at the Clifton Suspension Bridge, looking […]

Winter fogs past

I love those freezing winter nights, when everything condenses into one big fog. And the light blurs… And the shapes merge…

Brean Down

A great limestone scarp runs the breadth of Somerset, the Mendip Hills, famous for their karst landscape — the gorge at Cheddar and the caves at Wookey Hole. Where it meets the sea in the Bristol Channel, it takes the form of a 2km long peninsula beside the village of Brean, Brean Down, and 4km […]