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Winter in Keswick

In February 2010 I booked the train up to Penrith… only to break the bicycle I’d planned to take on the day before departure…. so changed plans and walked everywhere in the snow around Keswick and Derwent Water, where the boat bus company fought to break the ice… up over Walla Cragg and Latrigg in […]

Winter fogs past

I love those freezing winter nights, when everything condenses into one big fog. And the light blurs… And the shapes merge…

Helmsdale Harbour

In the winter, while I neglected to post on the blog, I spent some time out of the way to concentrate on work. Helmsdale in Sutherland was about as out of the way as I could find. It’s on the east coast in the far north of the Scottish Highlands, on the railway half way […]

White Christmas

At Christmas it snowed in Dorset. It doesn’t often snow in Dorset. When it does, everyone gets out to use it while it lasts. Goes sledging in the steep sheep fields. Flattening the snow on the paths through the woods. Leaving icy tracks on every slope. Taking photos of the familiar landscape in a new […]